Classes & Services 

Classes give you a chance to learn interactively. Get to know your doulas better and potentially meet a "Bump Buddy" with whom you can discuss your experiences. 

Services that are not part of your selected package can be purchased separately or added to your current package at a discounted rate.

The Remedy 


Four, 3 hour workshops 


Childbirth education in an engaging, informative way. Bridging evidence and tradition, this class has been curated to achieve four goals:

  • Understanding your options related to providers, locations, and pain management
  • Laboring confidently 
  • Preparing for life with your baby 
  • Embracing the unknown 

The Pre-show


60 Minutes 

During this time, your doulas will discuss your pregnancy and birthing options to include health and nutrition, birth planning, and the postpartum experience while getting to know you. This is an opportunity to express concerns, think out loud, and ask questions. Don't be shy, we've heard it all before!

It's Show Time!


Although we believe developing a relationship with your doulas and discovering your birth options is essential, we realize its not a for everyone.

Want a 'Day Of' Doula, only? This service is for you! 

The After Party


60 Minutes

Birthing people experience a range of emotions during the postpartum period. These check-ins allow your doulas to help you process your feelings, manage your household, and create a postpartum plan. 

The Late Show

$25/ hour

2-4 Hours

A block of postpartum support hours in the late evening or early morning to allow you to sleep, shower, or have time alone. 

DO YOU! And we'll take care of the baby.   

Wait... What?!


6 hours

It's never too late for childbirth education! Tailored for groups of two, we'll focus on the end of pregnancy and birth, then cover everything discussed in our Spit Happens! class. Designed for parents who choose CBE after 36 weeks of pregnancy, this class make sure that you feel prepared for the fast approaching change in your life.

Spit, Happens!


3 hours


This is a baby prep class like no other! We teach you the basics of newborn and new parent care because you're absolutely going to need it! You'll be equipped with essential knowledge, tips and tricks that we've picked up throughout our careers, and leave feeling more prepared than ever! 

Daddy, Doula


2 Hours

A Partners Only class that helps you prepare to serve as the primary source of support for your birthing partner. Created to emphasize your role and responsibility as partner, we want you to feel just as confident as the birthing person -- you're becoming a parent, too! 

Milk Drunk


90 Minutes

Breast, Bottle or Chest... the baby has to eat. This class helps you navigate choices and discover what is best for you and your baby. 

OOH, Baby!


2 Hours

For parents considering an Out of Hospital birth, we'll ensure you understand your options, are confident in your decision, and are well-equipped for an unmedicated experience.

Each class includes:

A special gift from RBS

 Reference Materials

A list of preferred providers

Light refreshments will be provided, feel free to bring lunch. 

For inquiries or to schedule a class; please visit the Contact Us! page.