1. What is the difference between a Doula ‚Äčand a Midwife?

Though Doulas and Midwives often work very closely together, they have completely different roles in your birth. 

Americanpregnancy.org defines a midwife as a health care professional who provides an array of health care services for women including gynecological examinations, contraceptive counseling, prescriptions, and labor & delivery care.

A Doula is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is expecting, is experiencing labor, or has recently given birth. Doulas do not provide medical care or advice. 

2. Should I take childbirth education classes if I have a doula?

YES! A doula is a great resource who can provide tons of information, but we believe that being informed is the most important step you can take towards a safe birth. We know that the unknown can be scary, but we work hard to make sure that you and your family are prepared through our Child Birth Education Classes offered right here with Remedy Birth Services! 

3. How does a doula work with my partner?

Not at all! A doula works with you and your partner to make sure that you are both prepared for the labor and birth. During the labor, your doulas will give your partner tips and remind them of things the can do to support you. Doulas bring an immense knowledge of birth, while your partner brings so much love and knowledge for you, that they are able to work together to comfort you through each stage of labor.  

4. Should I still hire a doula if I want an epidural? 

The choice is yours! A lot of birthing people are planning to go without pain management when they hire a doula, but that doesn't mean that doulas are limited to those people. Whether you know that you want to avoid pain management, have decided to get an epidural as soon as possible or are undecided; a doula will help you learn about the benefits and risks of all of your options and support you no matter what you decide.  

5. Can I have a doula if I know I'm having a c-section? 

Of Course! Your doula is there for more than just the birth. We support you throughout your pregnancy and often times are even able to go into the operating room with you during a cesarean. Once the baby is born, your doula still helps with breastfeeding initiation and is still available for your postpartum experience. 

6. Once I have a c-section do I have to have one with my next pregnancy? 

While we'd love to give a clear-cut answer, we can't. Though repeat cesareans are common, they are not always necessary. It is important to talk to your provider so that you can make the best decision for your family. No matter what, we will be there to support you.